We are rapidly approaching The Hula Girls' Ten Year Anniversary!

I'm hoping to do a bunch of stuff for our anniversary, but here's the beginning of it... 
Our first custom tiki mug! Edition of 150/ Limit one per customer.

Pre-order for the hand sculpted Hula Girls' Ten Year Anniversary tiki mug. We are excited to have our longtime friend, Danny Gallardo of Tiki Diablo, creating our first ever tiki mug. This design is limited to 150 mugs, all hand numbered.
LIMIT TO ONE PER CUSTOMER (unless otherwise approved by Spike).
In order to curb price gouging on EBay, any orders that contain more than one mug order will be refunded. We want the first 150 of our fans to each have an opportunity to get a mug.
Mugs should be sent out around November, but please be patient, these are hand crafted and production times may vary. This is a sketch of what the mug should look like. Actual design may be slightly different.

The Hula Girls first show ever, at Bamboo Ben, on August 14th, 2008

And The Hula Girls' most recent show (September, 2018)!
What a difference a decade makes!!


SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 • 8pm

One Night – Three Acts!
Live Exotica Music & Charles Phoenix Alohaland,
Tikiayki Orchestra, and The Hula Girls 
Presented by Stellar Shows

Yost Theater
307 N Spurgeon St.
Santa Ana, CA

Prepare to swept away by a typhoon of tiki sounds an style on this very special one night only experience of island style tunes, vintage Hawaiiana, and dancing girls at the historic Yost Theater in Santa Ana.
Tiki attire is encouraged! Doors open at 6:30. Adult beverages are available!
Charles Phoenix: Alohaland is a live comedy slide show extravaganza of vintage Kodachrome slides, taken by tourists “dream vacationing” in Hawaii in the 50s & 60s. Your island living spirit will soar!
The Tikiyaki Orchestra, a 6-piece orchestra led by composer Jim Bacchi, pulls many different musical food groups into the mix – Bachelor Pad Lounge, Crime Jazz, Surf, Spaghetti Western, Latin and Hawaiian music.
The Hula Girls’sound, self-described as “hulabilly.” An up-tempo hapa haole, tiki and surf themed music, with a late 1950s/early 60s rockabilly and rock n’ roll sound. Hula-a-go-go dancers, Miss Haylee Holiday and Miss Veronica Velvet will perform during their set.
Promo art by @spikeandthecamera

Thursday night (08/02/18) in Long Beach!

We are super excited to be performing with two incredible surf bands at a great venue! 
Hope you can join us!

Shows this week! 7/24/18 & 7/26/18

Two opportunities to see The Hula Girls this week:

The first, at the rooftop Fifth Bar in Anaheim, featuring incredible views of the Disneyland fireworks!

And we are back on Thursday at our one of our absolute favorite Los Angeles tiki bars, Pacific Seas at Clifton's Republic.

We hope you can make the scene!

Thursday night at Pacific Seas!

We're back at one of our absolute favorite bars for another night of hula-a-go-go.
Downtown LA on Thursday night! The place is really incredible, we hope you'll join us.

Well, that's it, I guess...

Jason Lee and I for an impromptu and unsanctioned jam session in front of Don's on the last night of existence. 

Then, after sitting for hours, listening to some really great singers and some downright horrible singers do karaoke on the last night ever of Don the Beachcomber, my buddies convinced me to go get my guitar and amp out of my friend's car. They were saying, 'you can't let this place go out with karaoke. I knew that the GM was watching the door and would probably not let me play one last song in the building... I just didn't think it was fitting to let Dons end with some 'who-cares' karaoke performance. So I strapped up my guitar and plugged into my amp in the parking lot. My buddy, Andrew, let me in through the side door, and I walked quickly to the space I had played so many times before. I knew exactly where the outlets were and crouched down and waited the few seconds for my amp to warm up. I really wish I had brought a bigger louder amp with more reverb, but this little Fender Blues Jr was the most efficient for the scheme... I lit into a fast surf song and kept one eye on the GM and one eye on the crowd. The karaoke guy was pissed at me for stealing his big finale. 

After, I kept hearing from people that it was a nice palate cleanser after so many Neil Diamond and Jimmy Buffet songs...

So the last song ever played at Don the Beachcomber was Miserlou... by me. You can see the video clip on our Instagram page @thehulagirls

Thanks for the good times and the memories, Don's

The End.