Viva Las Vegas

Can you believe that it's almost Viva Las Vegas time again?!
This is The Hula Girls, playing at the amazing Viva Las Vegas last year! What a show, and what a great crowd!

We also took a band field-trip over to our buddy, P Moss' place, Frankies Tiki Room. Unfortunately, Shorty was playing bass in various bands on the main stage during this...We enjoyed the cocktail named after one of our songs, 'The Hulabilly Honey'! A tasty, light, and potent drink!

Tom Ingram also put us, along with a bunch of our friends, on the Viva Las Vegas deck of cards!

And here are a couple from a couple of years before, when we played the Tiki Pool Party!

A great crowd at the pool!

And what a cool stage...!

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