Tiki Caliente!

Can you believe that it's almost time for Tiki Caliente again?? The first time we played the event was also the first time that met our now, long time dancer, Judy Luck! We hired her to dance with us at Tiki Caliente II in 2010, where we were set up to play on the grass in 110 degree heat.

Tiki Caliente II

While it has been held at the Curve Hotel in Palm Springs for several years, this year it returns to the amazing tiki-themed, Caliente Tropics Hotel (host hotel to the early years of Tiki Oasis as well)!

From Tiki Caliente III
We play on Friday night this year, at the Caliente Tropics!

The amazing Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs!

The main tiki at the Caliente Tropics. The head, alone, is about 8' tall!

Here he is now, poolside, with a bit of a hair cut. Wonder where his body went?

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