Don the Beachcomber Saved! (For now)

Well, we did it! Last night, the Huntington Beach City Council voted unanimously. They plan to leave the area alone! No re-zoning!!! I can't believe how the tiki and Sunset Beach community rallied around this effort. It truly is a testament to what Dons/ Sams means to everyone. It IS worth saving. 

Good work friends!! Mahalo!

The council members mentioned that the number of emails received were in the 80s and that they were ALL different. We made a concerted effort NOT to create a form letter. Dons/ Sams means more to everyone than just batch out some form letter. 

Don the Beachcomber music promoter, Christopher Burkhardt addresses the Council.

One council member, Barbara, said that this was probably the work of the restaurant, getting everyone to email and all of that... but it wasn't. Don's had no involvement in creating any promo stuff at all. This was truly grass roots. Thanks again everyone.

If you want to view/ listen to some of the passionate and insightful comments about Don's and Peter's Landing, they can be found on the city's meeting agenda site when it becomes available:

Thank you again, to EVERYONE who wrote letters to the city council. A special thanks to tiki community members, John-O, James Ledbetter, Christopher Burkhardt, Brian Goddard, and any others that I may have missed who spoke on behalf of Don the Beachcomber. Some very moving things were said about the place that we love so much!

Others who took their time out of their busy life to go to the council meeting were Andrew McCain (Giant tiki Head) and his lovely lady, Bamboo Ben and his lovely lady, Pin-up Photographer Riley Kern, lifestyle photographer Tom Stratton and Brandy, Krista Ledbetter, Sabu the Coconut Boy (Tim), and any other I have forgot to mention...

Also, our own Neva Moore and Judy Luck drove all the way from Burbank to be in the crowd at the City Council meeting and show their support. 

Next Friday, The Hula Girls play the Dagger Bar and we're talking with Dons about a special celebration party!

Next on the agenda is getting Don the Beachcomber recognized on the National Historic Registry. Zoning keeps the place from being turned into an apartment complex, but the Historic registry keeps it from being destroyed at all.

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