Halloween is coming!

Halloween is on its way and we have one hell of a show lined up for you! Our show is the night before Halloween because we know that you have kids to take trick or treating or other events to attend... But man, is this gonna be a weird and wild show! All within the amazing tiki decor of Don the Beachcomber in Sunset Beach, CA.

We'll start the night off with the incredible Jimmy Psycho Experiment! They play lounge versions of punk and rock songs! All while wearing giant alien heads. Cool stuff!

Following Jimmy and his band is the gorgeous and dangerous Miss Maegan Machine. A true sideshow performer in every sense of the world. Extremely tattooed and a strange attraction to pain and to the bizarre. 

I really can't wait to see her act! Fire and human pin cushion horror!

Following Miss Maegan, we'll hold the costume contest! Here's a couple from last year.

photo: Stratton

Personally, I'd like to see someone work out this kind of vintage burlesque costume.

Kinda like this! Here's last year's winner, Miss Reagan Foy! The image of Marion Martin was the inspiration for her Halloween costume. She had been wanting to recreate this for a long time and The Hula Girl's Variety Show at Don's was finally the perfect opportunity for it. 

This year's  prize will be one of my (Spike) hand made tiki lamps. Valued at $300,  this should be a great addition to any tiki collector's home decor! I just finished it the other day. You can see a progress photo on the right. 
The aesthetic of this lamp mixes midcentury atomic styling with Witco-esque modern primitive touches. Finished off with manilla rope and real Tongan tapa cloth. Though you can't tell in the picture, this is a hanging lamp. Oh, and it's pretty big too!

We're looking forward to seeing some great costumes!

Following the costume contest, it's on to our band! The Hula Girls have some new songs and great new costumes in store for ya this year!  Performing with us, as always, will be Miss Audrie Loraine and Miss Judy Luck, hula-a-go-going for ya!

photo: Stratton
Then, the incredible Christopher Wonder will take the stage. The room is probably gonna be a mess once he's finished with it. An explosion of confetti, booze, and wild magic.

Oh, and his adorable one-eyed dog!

The finale will feature 'the embodiment of burlesque', Miss Kitten DeVille, backed by 
The Hula Girls! 

Kitten is credited as one of the originators of the New Burlesque movement. She started her career in 1994 with The Los Angeles based troupe, The Velvet Hammer, whose sold out shows were responsable for reviving the Art of Burlesque.

Kitten de Ville is an award-winning international burlesque superstar. Kitten won Miss Exotic World 2002 and Queen of the Quake. 

This multi-talented Kitten also produces a successful Rock & Roll StripShow and runs her own school of burlesque in her home town in southern California.

An absolute tantalizing professional in the art of the tease.

Halloween is a time to embrace the odd and bizarre. Join us! 
We are really excited to bring this show to you.

Get your tickets now. They are selling quickly! 

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