A big Finale at the Grand National Roadster Show

For the 8 years that The Hula Girls have worked as a band, we've been lucky to have lots of different dancers perform with us along the way;

Miss Ruby Champagne...                                              

Miss Betsy Bosen...

Miss Dinah DeRosa...

Three girls, in particular, took the 'Girls of The Hula Girls' to a different place. Neva Moore, Judy Luck, and Audrie Loraine are three friends who really embraced their roles in the band.

Judy and Audrie go all the way back to 2010, and though Neva was around during much of that time, she became a Hula Girl in just the last couple of years.

We were sincerely fortunate to have the three girls as a part of the group for as long as they were.

The girls are all hanging up their hula skirts after the show at the Grand National Roadster Show on Sunday. Personal and life reasons have brought them to this decision and we wholeheartedly support them in this. It's a lot of work being a Hula Girl. Audrie said to me recently, "I think what will be more fun for me now is sitting with my husband and enjoying a drink while we watch The Hula Girls."

Join us on Sunday at noon, in the Suede Palace at the Grand National Roadster Show (Fairplex in Pomona) for one last show with Audrie and Neva.

After the GNRS show, The Hula Girls will return in March, at Don the Beachcomber.

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