A look at our home bar, The Breezeway, and a long drive to go get a rare vintage tiki item!

Ever since I went on this journey, last Saturday, I've wanted to post to you all about what I had found. It has been eating me up... Like fully driving me crazy... but I wanted to make this post special. I video recorded the whole thing and I waited to post about it till I was finished editing this video.

I love the stories about the hunt and the search for tiki. I love hearing that these opportunities are still out there. When I was in college in Stockton CA (home of the incredible Chris Isaak), you could to the thrift stores and just 'pick the tiki tree'. I felt like I was stealing. You'd find mugs for a dollar... Maybe five bucks if they thought they had something really rare. I'd walk out of the place with two or three mugs a couple of times every week. Then eBay happened and they shelves went bare. I eventually got 'used' to paying $20 for vintage mugs in the antique malls... But unless I find a great deal, it's rare that I buy tiki mugs these days, knowing the prices that I had experienced before.

I have a pretty good tiki collection with some pretty rare and unique things. It's still fairly small compared to some of my long-time hardcore collector buddies in tiki). When I got word about someone selling this particular item, I swear my heart stopped.

What I went to go get, is absolutely the current pinnacle of my tiki collection. So let me show you around my home bar, The Breezeway, for a little bit and then well go on that trip.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

    Keep up the good work :) from TheStillery, a stuart bar in Florida