Inside the Desert Oasis Room Podcast!

About a week ago, the "Inside the Desert Oasis Room Podcast" came to The Breezeway to talk about tiki, collecting, the reasons why some tiki bars 'work' and why others don't, and all kinds of other stuff... It's a free form conversation over cocktails with two of my oldest friends from the tiki world. 

The following pictures are a loose follow-along to our conversation. Click on the pictures to enlarge, if you like... And with that, I guess all you have left to do is to click on the link below.

Hope you dig it!


Sam's Seafood
The Breezeway menu
Kona Lanes
The Breezeway Bar

The Topless Hula Girl

False Idol
False Idol
Clifton's Map Room

Clifton's Pacific Seas
Clifton's Pacific Seas

Clifton's Pacific Seas

behind the Breezeway bar
Lava in the Breezeway
Islands Restaurant

Billys at the Beach
Billy's at the Beach
Trader Vic's Palo Alto
Trader Vic's Palo Alto
Mondo Tiki
Smokin' Menehunes
Estate Sale Haul
Breezeway bar platform
neighbor's tree house
Joyride Vintage
Mike Ness' Black Kat Vintage
Witco Stools
The Breezeway Pond
Palm logs
Hot Rod Luau Tees

Ink n Iron
Viva Las Vegas
Tiki Oasis 1
Tiki Oasis

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