Thee Hot Rod Luau 2015

Well that was a whirlwind! I have to say that the first ever Hot Rod Luau was a success. There are a lot of things that we'll do to improve it in the future, but for the first one, it went very smoothly and people seemed to have a blast.

We had vendors outside, pinup and custom car contests, and live music, non-stop in the Hidden Village and in the Dagger Bars, with DJ's Big Tiki Dude and Mad Matt spinning between sets.

Morning at Thee Hot Rod Luau

Judy Luck and Neva Moore at the merch booth

Buddy Lee of Buddy Lee and the Dungaree Dogs

Great traditional rockabilly from Pat James and the No Names

Wild rockabilly with The Rayford Brothers

Relaxing day of music and fun in The Hidden Village. The trophies are on the table to the left.

Meanwhile, we had a small tattoo art show, curated by Jill Sarratt Chavez, in the Fugu Room.
 Certainly something that we would like to build up in the coming years!

Pin-Up photoshoots with Vestige photography were happening too!

Some scoots showed up. These are three of the ten or so that were there... 

In the afternoon, the car show really filled up! 
Red Dodge at the car show. Photo: Doug Stidham 

This guy couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Then The Hula Girls played. I haven't seen any photos of us yet... but we had a blast! Here's a picture of Christian, cooling off after our set.

The car show awards were all voted on by the crowd. We had a great response in participation with it.

This 5 window with a flathead motor was the winner of Best HotRod! This photo is actually from the one time that this car showed up at one of my cruise nights. I thought it was amazing then too!

Winner of Best Paint AND Best Custom went to this 1960 Impala. Shaved door handles and trunk, nosed, lowered, and riding on Astro Supremes with skinny whites. Gorgeous and immaculate car. 

Winner of Best in Show! 

Mike Collins' 1954 Cadillac! 
He also won Best in Show at 
Tiki Oasis this last year. 

Tiki loves Cadillacs, I guess.

Some girls with Mike's Caddy

Photo: @theashley

The Pinup Contest

photo: Dave Klein
And the finalists with hostess, Miss Red Dodge

Miss Fae (on the right), won the Miss Don the Beachcomber contest.

Once Agent Orange started up, the room went from fun rockabilly/ country/ and surf to ABSOLUTE punk rock mayhem.

It didn't even look like Don the Beachcomber anymore. THIS is where the Tiki Marketplace is held?

Anyway, back when it was Sams Seafood in the '80s and 90's, bands like TSOL played here. It's not a new thing, just something that hasn't happened recently.

Photo: Tom Stratton

Photo: Tom Stratton

Check out Kelly Merrill, in the center of the picture, 
making sure that he doesn't get stampeded by the circle pit. 

Agent Orange played some surf stuff (Mr. Moto, Miserlou, and Pipeline, among others) as well as their own punk rock stuff. They ended with their classic, "Bloodstains."

Photo: Tom Stratton

Me, with DJ Mad Matt, Agent Orange's Mike Palm, and Don the Beachcomber's Emerson
Photo: Tom Stratton
After the show, our dancers and a couple of friends headed to 
Matsu in Huntington Beach for a relaxing, after-show, meal.

It also happened to be an early birthday dinner for Christian!

Thanks again, to all of the bands, our two DJs, Big Tiki Dude and Mad Matt, Don Chartier for helping with the cars, Lance, Nancy, and Neva for helping with the merch, our sponsors, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coruba Rum, and Appleton's Rum, and of course Don the Beachcomber.

Event tees as well as a new girl's tee are all on sale in our store now!

Even bigger and better event, next year. 

The Curse of the Tiki 2 -Variety Show!

Halloween is coming soon! It's almost time for our annual "Curse of the Tiki Variety Show" at Don the Beachcomber! Tickets are on sale now!  

This year, we will have the amazing Jimmy Psycho Experiment, starting off the night, with their exotica versions of punk rock songs.

Then, the incredible 'Human Pin Cushion', Maegan Machine will really creep you out with her performance... 

Followed by the costume contest... 

Here's last year's winner, Miss Reagan Foy! The image of Marion Martin was the inspiration for her Halloween costume. She had been wanting to recreate this for a long time and The Hula Girl's Variety Show at Don's was finally the perfect opportunity for it. 

Then, Christopher Wonder will bring his 'Glorious Mess of Magic' to Don the Beachcomber. It's really something that you have to see. Really!

After that is a costumed performance by The Hula Girls, including a finale of burlesque by Kitten DeVille with The Hula Girls! 

I like weirdo sideshow stuff and diverse lineups at events that I attend. I LOVE putting on this show... It's something that I would want to see. 
This is NOT an all ages show
Get your tickets now because the premium seats will go quickly.