New Merch for Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour

In celebration of the completion of the Breezeway remodel, Spike's Breezeway Cocktail Hour is releasing a whole bunch of brand new merch! All of the merch was designed by @LarissaPinupArt with direction by Spike.

The brand new glasses are heavy duty double old-fashioned style Mai Tai glasses featuring a pin-up hula girl, the Breezeway lagoon, the hut, and even Sparky! Comes with two glasses to the set (not sold individually).

We finally designed swizzle sticks! My idea to Larissa was to create a swizzle stick that would be a pinup girl sitting on the edge of the cocktail. I've never seen this done before! I think she did a great job in making that dream come to fruition. 

Each set comes with 8 swizzle sticks and of two of the each colors. 
Flamingo Pink, Fresh Mint, Tangerine Orange, and Lagoon Blue.

Our biggest project to date has been the Breezeway match books. I always loved the matches of the 1940's - 1960's, utilizing the ability to print on the matches. We took a classic bachelor pad approach to our matches! Hope you dig them!  

All of the merch can be found at 

Get it while you can, this stuff usually sells out quickly and once it's gone, we probably won't make more. Aloha!