New Hula Girls' Record!!

Pre-orders for our new record start on June 5th. I'm hoping to mail a bunch out before we leave for Hukilau on the 7th, if not, they will go out on the 13th... there's going to be a bunch of other new merch as well!

I can't believe our second record is finally finished. I promise the third won't take as long. 
Can't wait for you all to hear this thing!!

Vintage Home Tiki Bar Discovered!

Recently, I was making my normal internet rounds, checking out upcoming estate sales and somehow, I came across this estate in Lincolnwood, IL. The bamboo basement bar immediately caught my attention and the images that followed were amazing! 

It's so rare to see a fully themed vintage home tiki bar, complete with a full mug collection... Chicago, at one time, had 7 incredible tiki bars in the city, so it's no wonder that a home tiki bar was built in this area. The owners were grabbed by the same hypnotic allure of tiki that has grabbed most of us tikiphiles. 

Judging by the colors and prints, it looks like it was last decorated in the late 1960s...

But howabout the faux jungle?? I could use some of those plants for The Breezeway...!

And some homemade carved tikis...

And the mug collection! All vintage Westwood, PMP and OMC stuff. 

But THE ones below are the ones that I'm lusting over... The Andres Bumatay designed mugs. 
While the Stockton Islander also used these mugs, these could most likely be from the Black Pearl tiki bar in Chicago, which had some incredible Bumatay carvings in it.

And cocktail accessories for your perfect vintage tiki cocktail party... 

More furnishings in the lounge...

These barstools!

And some incredible resin swag lamps.

If only this sale wasn't all of the way across the country!


The Hula Girls return to The Hukilau!

As we are in the final weeks of recording our second record... seven years in the making... we have been considering locations for the record release party.

I think we have decided on two places, the historic and revolving Panorama Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 and at the legendary Mai Kai, both in Fort Lauderdale, FL! 

That's right, The Hula Girls are returning to the Hukilau! The last time we were there was 2013. We're very excited to be performing once again, at the most incredible tiki venue in the country! 

Tickets available at