New Tees and a new tee shirt shop!

I'm happy to announce a whole new Hula Girls' tee shirt buying experience! On the advice from my buddy, Justin, at the YouTube channel, Live Fast Die Poor/ Randomland, I've decided to start using Spreadshirt for our tees. He has used the company for a couple of years now and wholeheartedly endorsed them to me. 
Go take a look!

Shirts that were out of print before are now back and available for purchase in all size scales! I'll be adding more tees to the collection, shortly. 

Tiki Night at La Cave in Costa Mesa!

Join The Hula Girls, this Saturday night, at the 1962-built time warp steakhouse/ cocktail lounge for Tiki Night! 

10pm-1:30am Free!

They will have a special cocktail menu featuring some tiki classics. 

Mostly unchanged since 1962!

Ooh...! Swanky!

Get there early and order a steak off of the rolling table-side meat cart!

The cave restaurant. It's incredible that this place has remained virtually unchanged for the last 50 years. Orange County is an area that is usually so quick to be 'up to date' with design and trends. It's great that it has been preserved. Hell, John Wayne used to dine here! How are you gonna wreck the Duke's bar?

Hope you can make the scene!