A look at our home bar, The Breezeway, and a long drive to go get a rare vintage tiki item!

Ever since I went on this journey, last Saturday, I've wanted to post to you all about what I had found. It has been eating me up... Like fully driving me crazy... but I wanted to make this post special. I video recorded the whole thing and I waited to post about it till I was finished editing this video.

I love the stories about the hunt and the search for tiki. I love hearing that these opportunities are still out there. When I was in college in Stockton CA (home of the incredible Chris Isaak), you could to the thrift stores and just 'pick the tiki tree'. I felt like I was stealing. You'd find mugs for a dollar... Maybe five bucks if they thought they had something really rare. I'd walk out of the place with two or three mugs a couple of times every week. Then eBay happened and they shelves went bare. I eventually got 'used' to paying $20 for vintage mugs in the antique malls... But unless I find a great deal, it's rare that I buy tiki mugs these days, knowing the prices that I had experienced before.

I have a pretty good tiki collection with some pretty rare and unique things. It's still fairly small compared to some of my long-time hardcore collector buddies in tiki). When I got word about someone selling this particular item, I swear my heart stopped.

What I went to go get, is absolutely the current pinnacle of my tiki collection. So let me show you around my home bar, The Breezeway, for a little bit and then well go on that trip.


Two big shows this weekend!

The Hula Girls are happy to return to the San Pedro Lobster Fest on Friday night! 
We will be headlining the event at 9pm. 

The next night, we will be performing at Don the Beachcomber with our drummer's other band, the Untouchables. The Hula Girls go on at 8pm! 

Hope you can make it to one or both shows!

(Click to enlarge)

The Hula Girls return to the OC Fair!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, The Hula Girls return to opening weekend at the OC Fair! We will be in the Baja Blues Bar from 8pm-11pm! This image is from 1963 and unfortunately, there will not be the custom car show or quarter horse auction. But come and watch some music, pet a goat, ride the Tilt-A-Whirl...! Who doesn't love the Fair??

And by the way, tiki isn't new to the OC Fair! Back in the late '50s and early '60s, Eli Hedley, (grandfather to Bamboo Ben and carver of the giant Moai in front the Stardust's Aku Aku restaurant) used to have a booth at the Fair! In fact, that's where I got these small Moai from. Well, let me clarify, I didn't buy them back then at the Fair, I got them at an estate sale where the former owners got them from Eli, at the Fair, back then... Supposedly in '59 though. And sorry for the distraction in the background of the picture. This was an outtake from a pinup shoot at my house.

Here's Eli, in his booth at the Fair in 1963. He's the fella in the white hat under one of the tiki banner things... Pretty cool, right?!

Anyway, hope to see you this weekend at the OC Fair!