Another big tiki estate sale!

Let me tell you the story of another incredible estate sale that I went to this past week (and incidentally, this week). Someone tipped me off to a sale featuring a ton of primitive african carvings. Usually when I see that, I think that maybe they have some Oceanic stuff mixed in there too. 

Man, was I right!

So at lunch on Friday, I left my day job to go find the house. 
Dig the cool lava rock front yard!

When I arrived and went into the place, I was greeted with an amazing collection... but high, high prices... Like high retail. 

So I kinda went around and looked at everything... Lots of great Papua New Guinea stuff, but nothing that I couldn't live without, at those prices. 

This small stuff ranged anywhere from $65 to $150. Great stuff, but just way too high for me to be involved with.

Primitive instruments!

A big whacking stick and a couple of cannibal forks. Yeah, for eating brain.

This guy in the middle struck me... and at $250, I tried to work a deal to get him. That's when I got out my phone and showed the lady working the sale, pictures of The Breezeway. As impressed as she was, she couldn't come down on prices during the first day. Pretty standard for estate sales.

Big African drum and a PNG spear...

Even some incredible vintage oriental stuff...

So anyway, I wrote it off as an educational trip. But before I left, I talked to the lady who was holding the sale. She said that tomorrow, prices would be better.... "If anything is left." I knew she was working me to pull the trigger, but at those prices, I knew that most of the stuff would remain there.

The next morning, I got up early and packed my car with my guitar and gig stuff to go play The Rising of the Rods car show/ festival. But first, I headed back to that house. They estate sale people greeted me with a cheerful, "You're back!" They told me that everything was half price! After some more haggling, I came home with three great pieces for waaay less than half price. I put my name and email address on their mailing list.

I was content with my purchases and drove off to go play the show...

On Monday morning, I got to thinking about that sale again... 
I wonder if everything sold... 
WAIT. I wonder what they're gonna DO with the stuff that DIDN'T sell??

Later that day, I received an email from the estate sale lady. She asked if I was interested in coming back to the house to look at what was left over. Supposedly an African collector cleared out a bunch, but there was a LOT of the oceanic stuff there. I called her and asked what the prices would be like, she responded with "Better than Saturday".

So here's what I came home with. I totaled it up to what was marked at over $2,000 and got it for way, way less. These are the sales that I dream of. I bought up all of the remaining Oceanic stuff.

All of the loot, looking right at home in The Breezeway. I'm not sure what everything is, but I'll try to explain it the best that I can. And if I get anything wrong, please let me know. I'm very interested.

This is the big PNG mask that they had marked at $450. Due to lack of space, I'm actually looking to sell this. Probably half of that price. To the right of the mask, and also for sale, is a blow dart gun from the Amazon.

I'm interested in selling the blow dart gun too, btw. Contact me at if you are interested in either.

Primitive Oceanic musical thinger... I tried to make uh, music, with it but it looks better than it sounds. Just kinda makes plunky sounds...

The two PNG pieces that I purchased the second day. I love the detail on both of these!

I didn't even notice this guy till that final day that I went over! Such a great little Easter Island moai. You don't see these guys carved with the 'hats' very often.

I love all vintage tiki stuff... Hawaiian, Marquesan, Tongan, Fijiian... but the Papua New Guinea stuff really does something for me. It's the least cartoony... it's creepy, serious... feels like it comes from a savage place.

I've been trying to figure out what this big fork or comb is for... No idea. And I'm not sure which region the tikis are from either. Any ideas?

A couple of the standard giant Hawaiian tiki fork and spoons...

And a couple of the not-so-standard tiny moai fork and spoons...

I know that I have seen these on Tiki Central before but I don't remember what they are called or where they come from... Anyone have any ideas?

These are those Fijiian cannibal forks for eating brain. My buddy and incredible tiki carver, Buzzy, clued me in on what these were. Creeeeepy... Oh and I guess I didn't get a full picture of the item on the far left, but it's a canoe paddle.

Spear and shield! The spear has cowrie shells on it, so I figured that it's not African. Not totally sure about the shield. Thoughts?

So at this point, with all of the stuff that I've come across this year, I either need to add on to The Breezeway or look into opening a real bar.


Coming up this month for The Hula Girls is the Aurea club on 10/23 in Riverside with Stray Cat drummer, Slim Jim Phantom and on 10/29, our Third Annual Curse of the Tiki Variety Show! The good seats are going quickly.