The Band


Instrument:  1961 Gretsch 6118 electric guitar, Gretsch G9121 Ukulele/ Lead Vocals

Spike Marble began The Hula Girls with Kevin Bullat and Lucas Vigor back in 2008. Kevin and Spike also started the Smokin' Menehunes, a steel-guitar instrumental band, before that, in 2003. He also played in several other bands, including the punk rock n' roll band, 'Run Like Hell' in '99, and the roots influenced cowpunk band, 'The Junkbucket', in around 2006. It was his love of rockabilly and tiki that inspired the merging of the two, and the creation of The Hula Girls' sound. 

Spike has a long history in the tiki scene, including attending the second ever Tiki Oasis, when it was still at the Cliente Tropics in Palm Springs, CA. His home bar, The Breezeway, has been featured as the set for many pinup photoshoots. He is an avid collector of all things tiki and midcentury and drives a 1961 Ford Econoline truck and a custom 1962 Ford Thunderbird. He's from Costa Mesa, CA and works a day job as a graphic designer. 

Favorite cocktail: 1942 Suffering Bastard and Ray's Mistake!


Instrument: Gretsch drum kit/ background vocals

Doug Sanborn joined The Hula Girls in 2011. He also plays with the legendary Los Angeles ska band, The Untouchables. He sits in with various jazz combos and cover bands around the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Doug currently resides in the San Pedro, CA area.

Favorite cocktail: 1934 Zombie


Instrument:  Rickenbacker steel guitar tuned to C6th. Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar. Amp is a 'very old and modified' Rickenbacker M-14

Gary Brandin has been playing with The Hula Girls since about 2010. He recorded most of the steel guitars on The Hula Girls' debut release, "The Curse of the Tiki". Gary's musical career is a very impressive one, playing with the legendary Chris Gaffney and the Phantom Herd in the 1970s, Chris Gaffney and the Cold Hard Facts in the '80s, and Heather Myles through the 90's, among so many others... But was his work during the 1990s with amazing Blue Hawaiians that really influenced The Hula Girls. We are super fortunate to have Gary playing steel and electric guitar with The Hula Girls. 

Favorite cocktail: All of them


Instrument:  1954 Fender Deluxe double-neck and a 1956 Fender Stringmaster quad-neck through a 1959 Fender Bassman amp.

Shorty Poole has been playing with The Hula Girls since 2012. He too, has a very impressive musical background. While Shorty is an amazing steel guitar player, most of his background is in playing the upright bass in various rockabilly and hillbilly bands. He is the bassist for the venerable Dave and Deke Combo, he tours with Kim Lenz, and he is also the 'house bass player' for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. In that role, he has played with just about every living rockabilly legend who has graced the stage at Viva. We are very fortunate to have Shorty playing in our band as well. 
       Favorite cocktail: Navy Grog

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